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in a nutshell

I feel like I got my money’s worth out of this weekend. One project was completed, another one is well underway and we even fit in a family event (my step-niece’s first communion party).

Last fall, we redid the decking and railing on the back porch at the office. Due to the way the previous railing was designed, this involved some patching of the brick and also resulted in some unpainted areas (all of the building’s brick is painted). Additionally, some new wooden trim pieces were installed and they also needed to be painted. When we did the project, it was too cold to paint, but not anymore. Jake and I primed everything on Saturday and Brian and I painted on Sunday. Cross that one off the list.

We’re also in the midst of reworking the pond and that is progressing nicely. Thus far, we’ve removed the stream, installed all of the hardware, and have the base rocks down. I also sealed the waterfall with landscape foam last night, so I’ll be able to turn the pump on again today. I’ll let that run for a day or so to make sure there are no leaks and then we’ll cap off the rocks and call it done.