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weekend getaway

Since we enjoy going to Forest County so much, I thought it might be fun to take a weekend trip there this winter. We stayed at The Storybook Cabin, which is the place we stayed at our first time up there. We left Friday around lunchtime and returned today. The cabin was very cozy and we stayed in all weekend, with the exception of an afternoon trip to Blackbird Distillery. The offerings at the distillery were delicious.

We did have some excitement at the cabin. On Friday night, just as we were finishing our supper, two guys knocked on our door. One was carrying a tire iron. At first glance it looked a little nefarious, but it turned out that they were two boy scouts with a flat tire. Brian tried to help them out, but they ended up stripping one of the lug nuts, so he ended up taking them to the camp they were staying at, which was about 20 minutes up the road.
Regardless, we’re all refreshed and ready to tackle another work week. And, best of all, it’s only 5.5 months till we go to Forest County again.