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After Brian completed our new kitchen ceiling, I determined that the kitchen could use a coat of paint. I don’t normally like to schedule home improvement projects for myself over the summer, but this one couldn’t wait because Brian still needs to put up the trim around the ceiling (which will also be painted). I decided to go with a different color this time around. Previously the walls were gray, now they are tan (which is very complementary to the cabinets and the ceiling). I thought about doing a bolder color, but was not able to come up with anything that I liked and that also went with the cabinets, ceiling, floor and countertops. It took quite a bit of time to paint–there’s so much stuff to go around. The last time the kitchen was painted was when we remodeled it (14 years ago!) and we did the painting before the cabinets went up so it was much easier that time. It was a long afternoon, but at least the job is done.


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