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slow week

Nothing notable happened last week. Though I did fail to mention previously that I’ve dusted off my tutoring hat and am tutoring a student in math right now. We had our 2nd session last week and things seem to be going well.

Friday night we watched Step Brothers. Brian and I watched it before, but Jake wanted to see it. My original assessment of the film still stands. At least this time, I was able to be productive while watching, as I worked on my scarf (which should be wrapping up today).

Jake had his last rifle league session yesterday (well, he has his rifle league party next week, but yesterday was the last day of shooting). We had to pick him up afterwards, so my mom invited us to dinner. I had lunch there, too. Surely that’s the most meals I’ve eaten there in one day in over 20 years.

In between eating meals, Brian and I painted the hallway. I was hoping to have the house painted by the end of the month (since gardening season is coming up), but thanks to procrastinating, that’s not going to happen. I guess there’s always next month. Given the way the weather has been, I guess it doesn’t really matter.