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2013 in review

Much like Judy, I thought 2013 was going to be THE year, but it ended up being just another year.

We’ll start with work…We were short staffed the first four months of the year. That did not help us achieve our goals for the year. However, by the end of 2013, we were able to get our staffing levels back up and then some. And, we have yet another person starting next week, and an intern, too, so 2014 is looking good on the work front already.

On the entertainment front, my favorite movie, hands-down, was Silver Linings Playbook. How can you not love Jennifer Lawrence? My favorite book was Joe Hill’s NOS4A2. Don’t tell his dad (Stephen King), but I think the torch has been passed. And, the best thing on TV was Breaking Bad. I’m going to have to watch that series again for sure. The year looked promising for music with new NIN and QOTSA, but both albums ended up being a big disappointment for me. I did get a bunch of new CDs (Soundgarden, Black Sabbath and Alice In Chains) for Christmas, but I haven’t given them a proper listening to yet, so I can’t comment on those at this point.
Other highlights…I got some new ink and we vacationed (yet again) in Forest County. I also got a sidecar for my bike. It took a while to get it installed properly, but I’m good to go for 2014, so I expect to do a lot of riding this year. And, I had my 25th class reunion, so I’m officially old.
My least favorite moments of the year were as follows:
So, here’s to 2014!