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clutter busters

I’m always trying to tame the clutter monster at our house. Our house is on the smaller size (and we have a bunch of crap), so this is continually a challenge.

Brian is building me a new dining room table this fall. Since we always have a bunch of stuff (mail, laptops and such) all over the table, I decided to fix that problem once and for all. I found a nice secretary desk online and purchased it. And then moved all of the stuff from the dining room table to it.

My dining room sideboard’s drawers were overflowing as well, so I bought a matching 6-door cabinet to store some of those items in.

While I was at it, I re-purposed a few older pieces of furniture and moved them to other rooms (also moving their contents to the new storage pieces). And, I ended up rearranging some of the living room furniture, too. I’m not sure if I like the new arrangement yet–it feels like something is missing (perhaps an additional piece of furniture!).

And, Brian has been working to finish the living room trim (finally). So, things are looking pretty good around here.