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forest county 2013

This afternoon, we returned from our (now) annual trip to Forest County. And, what a relaxing trip it was! This year, we stayed at River Forest Lodge, along the Allegheny River in East Hickory, PA. There were some things I liked better about our location last year, and some things I liked better about our location this year. But, overall, it was a positive change.

Alice has been slowing down quite a bit this year, but she looked every bit the energetic dog last week. I have a feeling that she’s going to be sleeping a lot in the coming days, though.

The lodge had canoes available, and we used them every day. Fishing was pretty good on the Allegheny (we even brought one home to eat). Jake and I both got our “one that got away” stories while fishing on the river. Brian and Jake did a ton of fishing. I did my fair share as well (while once a day was more than enough for me, it wasn’t for the guys).

We spent most of our time at the lodge (where I spent some quality time reading in my hammock), but we did manage to get out a few times. Forest County is one of our clients, so we stopped in the Visitors Bureau to say “hi” to our contact there. I also picked up a nice piece of pottery from the artists exhibit they have there. While in Tionesta, we also checked out the new Market Village. Unfortunately, it was not open during the week, but it looks like a neat idea.

We also went to the State Fish Hatchery in Tionesta. There was a talkative employee there who gave us the scoop on the place. And we hiked a couple trails at Cornplanter State Forest. And we took a trip to Tall Oaks Store for some window shopping.

We also had a horseshoes tournament, in which I scored exactly 0 points. And, of course, we fired up the campfire nightly and had cherry pie and pizza mountain pies and s’mores.

Much like last year, we did not have cell service at the cabin, so we were only able to check our phones once a day when we were out and about. We did have satellite television this year, though. Jake enjoyed that, but I tried to stay away from it. And, I was happy to leave my computer at home again this year.

All in all, another great trip to Forest County. I plan on returning again next year!