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so, yesterday…

Brian and I were having a brief discussion in my office by the picture window. All of a sudden, a car backed out of the alley across the street and smashed into Brian’s motorcycle, which was parked in front of the office. Brian hightailed it outside, and the vehicle drove away. We both got their license plate, but this proved to be not quite as useful as you might think.

Brian called the police and an officer stopped by shortly thereafter. He ran the plates, but they were expired (stolen from another vehicle perhaps?). Obviously, the work of a bunch of criminals. Prior to the hit and run, someone exited the vehicle. This person got the hell out of dodge once she saw what happened. However, her daughter was at the laundromat next door. The daughter didn’t give up any useful information, but supposedly, was able to get the insurance information from the driver. I’m a bit skeptical since the plates were expired, but that’s a problem for the insurance company to deal with.
So, now we’re waiting for the estimator to look at the bike, which is drive-able, but questionable (Brian’s not going to be riding it except to take it to the garage to be fixed). The real issue is that Thunder in the Valley is in two weeks and I don’t see how this will be resolved by then.


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