Tuesday, June 25

under the dome (tv)

I was kind of excited when I heard they were making Under the Dome into a TV series because I really liked the book. I was kind of not excited because there's not much good going on with network television (now if it were on HBO, Showtime or AMC, that would be another matter). But, I figured I'd give it a chance.

So, I watched the first episode last night. While there were some cool effects, the acting was subpar. So much so, that it brought the show down with it. I will not be watching again next week.

Sunday, June 23

stolen thunder

We went downtown a couple of times and went on a few short bike rides, but we definitely did not take advantage of Thunder this year and we did not hit any of the satellite events like we did last year. We were supposed to go to the Richland Bike Bash last night, but ended up staying home and sitting on the patio with a fire and a Margarita, which wasn't exactly a bad way to spend the evening.

Thursday, June 20

an update

My thumb is doing much better this week. It doesn't hurt as much when I bump it, anyway. The stitches are still in--they don't look ready to come out yet. I will reevaluate on Saturday.

I talked to someone about my sidecar this week. Unfortunately, they are located about 2.5 hours away (past State College). So, we're going to rent a trailer and take my bike there as soon as next week. I am confident that any work they do on the bike will be valid. However, depending on their findings and their schedule, I may be without a bike for another month or so. I guess it will all work out in the long run. 

The timing of all of this is unfortunate with Thunder in the Valley occurring this week. But, I guess there's always next year...At least Brian got his bike back. It's not fixed yet, but it was deemed rideable, so we took a scoot through town this evening. It didn't look like much was going on yet, but we'll be going downtown once or twice over the weekend.

Sunday, June 16

father's day

We had both families over for a Father's Day cookout this afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we ended up hanging out in the family room. So far this summer has not been very summery.

Brian and Jake had to handle most of the food preparation due to my thumb issue. I was able to help out a little, though. Things turned out great and we have some leftovers so I don't have to cook tomorrow (you'd think it was Mother's Day).

the hangman's daughter

This was an excellent book, recommended to me by Brian. It took place in the 17th century (an era I enjoy reading about) and revolved around a story in which the local midwife was accused of witchcraft. The main character, the hangman, tries to prove her innocent. Recommended.

Saturday, June 15


I finally got my motorcycle back yesterday. After almost three months at the garage, they finally wrapped things up. Seeing that attaching a sidecar is supposed to take a day, this is not making me confident that it was done properly. That said, we will be taking it somewhere else to have it checked out. So, the saga continues...

I took it around the block a few times yesterday and it drove exactly how I expected--nothing like a motorcycle. It was fun, though.

Thursday, June 13

gone fishy gone

Up until recently my pond consisted of a single koi, a single catfish and a handful of goldfish. I went outside to feed the fish yesterday and only the koi and catfish were there. There were no signs of foul play so I'm not sure what happened. This happened once before, though. It was a mystery at that time, too. After the first time, we added some hiding spots to the pond, but evidently it wasn't enough. I guess some sort of wild animal got into the pond, but I don't have a guess as to the species.

We're going to add more hiding spots and wait a few weeks before restocking.

red thumb

I read that you can freeze green onions, so, after picking a bunch of green onions from my garden and not having a use for them, I figured I'd give it a try. I was happily chopping away, when I chopped about three-quarters of the way through the tip of my left thumb (nail included, bone not included). After assessing the damage, I grabbed a paper towel to put over my hand because I wasn't all that interested in looking at it further (nor did I want to bleed all over the place) and went outside to enlist Brian's help in driving me to a doctor.

I didn't want to go to the ER and have to wait for four hours, so we looked up the three urgent care centers in Johnstown. Luckily one of them was still open (and I'm sure they were happy to see me walking in 20 minutes before their closing time of 9pm). I was seen right away, but we didn't get home till around 10:30pm.

The doctor ended up putting two stitches in the fleshy part and using medical grade superglue on the nail side. I spent the day banging my sore thumb off of things, so I'm hoping that everything is still attached. I guess I'll find out later when I change the bandage.

Brian's going to finish chopping the onions tonight. I'm off of knife duty for at least a week.

Sunday, June 9

because i can

The garden is underway and I'm ready to start canning. Not that there's anything to can just yet. I cleaned out the pantry this afternoon and got rid of some stuff that did not get eaten from two years ago. That was the first year I canned and I made some weird stuff--just how many jars of sweet and spicy butternut squash can one eat? Sadly, not many. I think just about everything I made last year will get eaten except maybe for the abundance of hot peppers that I canned. In my defense, I didn't have anything else to do with them.

We're in the CSA again this year. Between that and my garden, there is no shortage of vegetables around here in the summer. My goal every year is to eat or preserve (or even give away) all of the veggies. I am not always successful. Case in point: the CSA started last week and I have a vegetable drawer full of leeks, bok choy and kale. *sigh* I have plans for the kale. I could probably figure out something with the bok choy. But, leeks, too? I don't know that I'm up for the challenge.

Saturday, June 8

new ink

I've been wanting to get a scripty "Jacob" tattoo for a couple of years, so I stopped by Matthew's Party Tattoo and Body Piercing on Wednesday to set up an appointment. They were accepting walk-ins that day, so here's my new tattoo.

Brian and I used to go to State of the Art Tattooing in Winchester, VA, but I must admit--this was a bit more convenient. The owner of SOTAT passed away a few years ago, but his daughter has since taken over the business (and she's an excellent tattoo artist). So, Brian might be sticking with that studio. It's probably just as well, because I don't know how well our bank account would do if he had instant access to a tattoo artist. Heck, I'm already planning my next...

Wednesday, June 5

so, yesterday...

Brian and I were having a brief discussion in my office by the picture window. All of a sudden, a car backed out of the alley across the street and smashed into Brian's motorcycle, which was parked in front of the office. Brian hightailed it outside, and the vehicle drove away. We both got their license plate, but this proved to be not quite as useful as you might think.

Brian called the police and an officer stopped by shortly thereafter. He ran the plates, but they were expired (stolen from another vehicle perhaps?). Obviously, the work of a bunch of criminals. Prior to the hit and run, someone exited the vehicle. This person got the hell out of dodge once she saw what happened. However, her daughter was at the laundromat next door. The daughter didn't give up any useful information, but supposedly, was able to get the insurance information from the driver. I'm a bit skeptical since the plates were expired, but that's a problem for the insurance company to deal with.

So, now we're waiting for the estimator to look at the bike, which is driveable, but questionable (Brian's not going to be riding it except to take it to the garage to be fixed). The real issue is that Thunder in the Valley is in two weeks and I don't see how this will be resolved by then.

Monday, June 3

e i e i e i o

The PolkaFest is always the weekend before my birthday and there's nothing like a little kielbasa, pierogies and polka to kick off the festivities. Since my birthday is during the week this year, I opted to celebrate with Brian and Jake on Sunday. Brian made some awesome ribs, potato salad and grilled peaches and we ate on the patio. Plus, there were presents!

Not only that, but thanks to my awesome employer, I get my birthday off, so I have that to look forward to this week. I guess it pays to be the one who comes up with the time off policy.

Saturday, June 1


Right before Mother's Day, I started reading J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy. I was having trouble getting through it and then I received Joe Hill's NOS4A2 for Mother's Day. That did not help matters. After a few more feeble attempts to read The Casual Vacancy, I finally gave up and threw down the book (the Kindle, actually). It was totally worth it.

For those of you not in the know, Joe Hill is Stephen King's son. And, he's definitely following in his father's footsteps. This book was excellent. I tore through it in a quick fashion. Highly recommended.