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an update

My thumb is doing much better this week. It doesn’t hurt as much when I bump it, anyway. The stitches are still in–they don’t look ready to come out yet. I will reevaluate on Saturday.

I talked to someone about my sidecar this week. Unfortunately, they are located about 2.5 hours away (past State College). So, we’re going to rent a trailer and take my bike there as soon as next week. I am confident that any work they do on the bike will be valid. However, depending on their findings and their schedule, I may be without a bike for another month or so. I guess it will all work out in the long run.
The timing of all of this is unfortunate with Thunder in the Valley occurring this week. But, I guess there’s always next year…At least Brian got his bike back. It’s not fixed yet, but it was deemed ride-able, so we took a scoot through town this evening. It didn’t look like much was going on yet, but we’ll be going downtown once or twice over the weekend.