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The garden is in full swing. Over half of it is planted at this point. I’m just waiting for warmer weather to plant the rest.

Yesterday was spent doing yard work. Brian got a truckload of mulch in the morning and we re-mulched the dog and pond areas with it in the afternoon. We even took the time to edge the path of the mulch so it looks pretty good this year. While the edger was out, he also did the front sidewalk. The grass was cut yesterday, as well, so the yard is looking great (except for all of the weeds). And, he turned over the compost bin, too. It was quite an industrious day.

On an unrelated note, we went fishing yesterday at Greenhouse Park. I got a couple of bites, but Brian was the only one to catch a fish. We didn’t keep it as it was kind of small and I don’t trust those waters anyway.