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christmas parts 2 & 3

The relatively short edition…

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Brian’s family. We went to their place for supper then they all came to our church to see Jake play guitar at the 10:30pm service. We didn’t get back from church until after midnight, so by the time we got everything situated it was 1am until we went to bed. We had my family over for lunch today, so we had to get up rather early to get things going (6am-ish). I recruited Brian to make a turkey breast in the slow cooker and I put a ham in the oven. By the time everyone left Brian and I were beat, so we took a short nap on the couch. Unfortunately, I have to go to work tomorrow and Friday (I’m off Thursday), but I have a 4-day weekend coming up for New Year’s, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

It was a nice couple of days. And, of course, we received a bunch of great gifts. Merry Christmas, everyone!