Thursday, November 29


We've been doing a little work in our living room in anticipation of the holidays. For years now, we've been trying to decide what to do with the fireplace mantel--originally we were going to replace it, but then I thought "why not paint it?" I did just that last weekend (in dark gray) and it looks great--certainly easier and cheaper than installing a new mantel.

I also bought three small bookcase/tables that we grouped together at one end of the couch. And, I have new blinds on order for the living room and dining room and the windowsills will be getting a coat of paint before they are installed. Brian's also going to be wrapping up the trim in the living room. That should just about do it for those two rooms.

Saturday, November 24

21 jump street

This movie was pretty funny. Dumb, but funny. It did not appeal to me when it first came out, but then I read a number of positive reviews about the movie, so I added it to our Netflix queue. I'm glad I did. Plus, Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise (from the original 21 Jump Street television show) had a hilarious cameo. As a side note, the movie shares pretty much nothing in common with the original series.

Friday, November 23


We spent Thanksgiving with Brian's family this year. His sister and her crew were in, too. After having some great food and wine, it was nice to hang out and chat all afternoon. Even though we just saw them last weekend, we didn't get to talk much at the baptism due to the short nature of our trip and the general activity level at the dinner.

We stopped at my parent's on the way home to pick up some pie. My grandmother made 4 pies (note: there were 6 people at dinner). Needless to say, there was some pie left over, so I felt it was my duty to remedy that situation.

Sunday, November 18


Brian's sister had her 4th child this summer (this time a girl!) and the baptism was today, so we headed in that direction yesterday afternoon. We spent the night in a creepy little motel in Milford PA and then drove to the church in the morning. After the service, they had a nice, catered dinner at their house. Unfortunately, we weren't able to stay very long as it was a long ride home (and also a school night).

Saturday, November 17

midnight in paris

Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to watch a movie, but nevertheless, there's a movie to watch. When this happens, I don't give it the full attention it deserves. This was one such movie. To be honest, though, I don't think I would've liked it had I paid attention. It was just too sappy. I was on the fence about watching it to begin with, but I like to go on the fence every once in a while because sometimes I end up watching a really good movie that I wouldn't have watched otherwise. This was not one of those times.

Tuesday, November 13

dark ages

My dishwasher died yesterday. I'm so sad. :( Not only that, but my stove's been iffy so I ordered a new one on Saturday. I'm not sure who's paying for all of this, but thank goodness for Home Depot financing. To add insult to injury, Home Depot had exactly zero dishwashers in stock (everything there is apparently a floor model) so I'm not even getting a new dishwasher (besides Brian) until November 30. This year, I'm thankful that I'm not hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I'll be even more thankful if the refrigerator lasts the year.

Sunday, November 11


This movie was billed as a black comedy (which I do not enjoy), but it was done in a mockumentary style (which I do enjoy). It told the real-life story of Bernie Tiede, a man who was convicted of murdering a wealthy 81 year-old widow with whom he was friends. The film was pretty amusing but not laugh out loud funny, as is usually the case with a mockumentary. Overall, I recommend it if you're into this sort of thing (Jake liked it, too, for that matter).

Saturday, November 10

die hard

Somehow I managed to get through life (until last night) without seeing this movie. I'm not sure why I never watched it before. At any rate, it was pretty good for an action movie--not much to think about while watching this one, though.

Thursday, November 8

dexter: season 6: disc 2

This is an open letter to whoever (I say 'whoever' because apparently Netflix only has one copy of this disc for the entire United States) has had Dexter: Season 6: Disc 2 out for the past 6+ weeks: Please return it to Netflix, so I can watch it. Kthx.

Sunday, November 4

party time

Our neighbors invited us to an impromptu Halloween party last night. Brian took Jake and the neighbor kid around for trick or treating and they invited us over for pizza afterward. We sat around all evening drinking wine and bs-ing. It was a lot of fun--I'm not sure why we don't get together more often. We'll have to remedy that.

Saturday, November 3

the five-year engagement

I thought this was pretty good for a rom-com. Brian rather enjoyed it, too (to the point of cry-laughing at one of the scenes). I don't watch Parks and Recreation, but that guy from the show who was in this movie was hilarious--he really made the movie. As is common, this movie was about 30 minutes too long. But, definitely worth watching if you're in the mood for some laughs.