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getting darker

This time of the year is always bittersweet. While there’s still plenty of time to garden (especially since I’m planting a fall garden this year), as it gets darker earlier, there’s less and less time each day that I can enjoy the outside.

The good news is that I can finally get some stuff done around the house. Not that I don’t get stuff done in the summer–it’s just a struggle. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really need to hire someone to clean my house. Because if there’s one thing I don’t like to do, it’s clean. Plus it takes a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere. Unfortunately, with the dogs (not that I’m naming names–Buster!), I don’t see how that will happen. There’s just nowhere to put them when someone is here so that would probably be more trouble than it’s worth. Though Brian did take Buster to the shop a few times the other week and Buster was a little angel down there. This could work out on a number of levels–Buster would be out of everyone’s hair and Brian would have to work on woodworking projects. Hmm.