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infrequent occurrences

So, the earthquake yesterday was pretty exciting. Who would have ever thought we’d have an earthquake in Pennsylvania?

I was sitting at my desk and heard Brian get up and walk down the hall. My first thought was that he was walking rather heavily to be shaking the walls like that; my second thought was that he was doing something in the basement that rattled the walls; my third thought was that someone hit our building with their car. I didn’t have a chance for any further thoughts as one of our employees exclaimed that there had been an earthquake. Crazy! Hopefully that will be the first and last of that nonsense.

Yesterday was exciting for other reasons, too. I actually left the office at lunch and went out with Judy. She was in the area around lunchtime and invited me to the Village Street Cafe, which happens to be one of my favorite places to eat, so how could I say no?