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catching up

I tried planting a couple more things in my “fall” garden last week: carrots, spinach, peas, and more radishes. Of course, we got a couple of inches of rain right after I planted the seeds, so who knows if they will sprout? I hope some of what I planted works out–it would be nice to have a few veggies in my fall arsenal.

Yesterday morning, we went to the range to target practice and in the afternoon, we took a motorcycle ride to the Flight 93 Memorial. It was a lot different than the last time we were there (quite a while ago), but I thought it was going to be further along for the 10 year anniversary. The next phase isn’t going to be complete until 2014, which will pretty much wrap things up. I guess we’ll be going back then.

This afternoon, we went to Yellow Creek State Park for a wind and solar power class. It was pretty interesting. They have both wind and solar power set up at the park and went over the pros and cons of each. If we build a house in the future, as we are hoping to, we’d like to implement some green technologies in order to reduce our dependence on “the grid”.

Tomorrow is back to school for Jake and we already have a packed fall schedule. I’m almost looking forward to winter so I can relax for a couple of months. Yeah, right.