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the chihuahua incident

Jake and Brian went to Mayhem Fest today, so I was left to my own devices. I spent the afternoon making salsa and sauerkraut. Don’t worry–I also took a nap.

The sauerkraut took a little longer than expected (probably because my helper was at a concert), so I fed the dogs before making my own supper (normally they eat after we eat). After eating, Lizzy went out and came back in and then it was Alice’s turn. I was preparing a sandwich for my supper (not just any sandwich, but an antipasti sandwich), when I saw a chihuahua running through the yard and straight to the dog area. I ran outside to see Alice, with all of her hackles up, sniffing the chihuahua. She probably feared that we got another puppy (that didn’t work out so well last time). I quickly brought her in and then went back outside to try to capture the dog. Animals on the loose always make me nervous since we live so close to Goucher Street. But, the dog wasn’t having any of that and he ran down the street (well not the actual street, but through the yards) and out of sight.

Next I let Buster out and continued to make my sandwich. Soon after, I heard him barking. The dog was back. And the barking certainly wasn’t deterring him from approaching Buster. I mentioned to our visitor that this might not be a good idea, but he continued to proceed. I wrestled Buster back into the house and then headed outside again. The dog raced down the street again. This time, however, I heard some people talking at the end of the street. I heard them say something about the dog up the street barking at this other dog. I was hoping they were the owners because I didn’t see the chihuahua after that.

And, while we didn’t see the dog again, it had a profound effect on Buster. He kept going outside only to sniff around the yard and not do his business. This only went on for a few hours. It’s so much fun living with an insane dog. Let me count the ways…