Sunday, September 27

fall is here

Fall is pretty much here weather-wise. I still have a lot to do outside. Hopefully we will have some nice weekends in October so I can wrap things up.

All that remains in the garden is peppers, broccoli rabe (of which I harvested some last week), cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. I'm waiting for my garlic to arrive so I can plant that mid-October.

Last weekend, I started working on the garden path again. I really need to wrap that up before it gets cold. I have a pile of rocks sitting in the driveway and they have been there way too long.

Also last weekend, Brian built me a screen for sifting my compost. I screened the first load of it and dumped it in the garden--it looks great!

night out

I've been trying to get together with my friend Carol for months now. It finally happened last night. We met for supper at Big Dogz, along with our husbands and her son, who was in town for the weekend. Jake was supposed to go, too, but he got a better offer (all of his cousins were congregating at my in-laws this weekend). We had a great time bs'ing all evening. It was good to catch up. I always say this, but we need to do this kind of stuff more often. Hopefully it won't be as long between visits till the next time.

Friday, September 25


This is what greeted us when we got to work this morning. So, Brian had to take the afternoon off work in order to attempt to remove the graffiti from the bricks. No easy task. He has been scrubbing it with lacquer thinner and then power washing it. If anyone knows of a better method, let me know. He made some progress with it, but it needs more work.

Since Brian was outside all afternoon, he got to talk to a lot of the neighbors. It turns out we weren't the only ones hit--at least 3 other houses were spray painted (and one car, too) and there were other random acts of vandalism throughout the neighborhood. Hopefully we weren't the only ones to report this to the police. Since it wasn't just a single act of vandalism, maybe the police will have a better chance of finding out who did it. It doesn't sound very promising, though.

Saturday, September 19

house party

One of Brian's former co-workers had a party today to celebrate their new home. It was pretty much an all day thing, but we didn't make it there till around suppertime (it was in the Altoona area). Well-behaved dogs were also invited, so we left our 3 at home where they belong. A number of people did manage to take their dogs and they were all well-behaved. It was interesting to see that many dogs at one place. All behaving. It was a new experience for us. At any rate, the rest of the party was fun, too. There were cinnamon rolls there (I keep saying it--but I really need to place an order!) We got to eat, drink, and hear some funny stories before heading home for the evening.

romancing the stone

For lack of a better idea, the three of us have been watching some movies Brian and I enjoyed as kids. Last night was Romancing the Stone. It was less action-packed than I remembered but, but still essentially how I remembered it. Jake liked it, so we'll be watching its sequel sometime in the coming months.

Monday, September 14

the road

What can I say about this book? It's probably one of the best ones I've ever read, though I can see how it might not be for everyone--the author definitely took some liberties with sentence structure and punctuation. However, I was so engrossed that I didn't even notice until Brian pointed it out.

The book was based in a post-apocalpytic world. This is only one of my favorite subjects to read about. But, it was really just a story about a man and his son and what they had to go through. Totally riveting, though. I started reading it Saturday night and finished it Sunday afternoon. Had I started reading earlier in the day Saturday, there is no doubt I would have read it straight through.

The author, Cormac McCarthy, is the same guy who wrote "No Country for Old Men". We really liked that movie, so we're going to check out that book next before reading some of his others.

Whether or not you read this book, you're going to be hearing a lot about it soon--it's being released as a "major motion picture" next month. The trailer looks incredible. It's already on my list. We might even go to the theater for this one!

Sunday, September 13

pleading guilty

I finished reading this one yesterday afternoon. This was the second book I've read from Scott Turow, and much like the first one, this one took me forever to read. The storyline was interesting enough, but I just never felt compelled to sit down and read it. So, I guess that's not much of a recommendation. I did have incentive to complete the book or I might still be reading it--Brian finished reading "The Road" last week and absolutely loved it, so I ripped through the rest of "Pleading Guilty" just so I could start on it. That review is forthcoming.

Saturday, September 12


Last night was another one of our patented "Movie and a Margarita" nights. In the DVD player was Superbad. I thought it was superok and Brian thought it was superfunny. I think that it was geared more towards men (or maybe 14 year old boys). I can't say I'm a huge Seth Rogen fan so seeing that he both wrote and starred in this movie didn't help it any.

days like these

We were supposed to do the "Windber Rumbles" thing today, but Brian had to work and the weather wasn't all that nice for riding, so we didn't go. I didn't care one way or the other, but Brian really enjoys the run, so I felt bad we couldn't attend.

However, I had a great day. It was like getting an extra day in my week. I did a bunch of work around the house. I even enjoyed cleaning because I set up my former office desk as my new "card making" area. I rarely work at home anymore so I decided to move my card stuff from my very small bedroom desk to my enormous desk upstairs. It should make card making more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to making Christmas cards already! Plus the whole office, with the exception of Brian's desk, is now clean.

I did other stuff, too. Worked outside for a little while, ran to the store, cooked minestrone for supper, started a biga for tomorrow's ciabatta, and even finished a book in the afternoon. All of that on top of 5 loads of laundry. Unfortunately, I did not take a nap today, though I could have used one.

We have no plans for tomorrow, so I can only hope it will be as productive as today. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so maybe we'll get in a motorcycle ride this weekend after all.

Monday, September 7

labor day weekend

We sure had a packed weekend. Thank goodness it was of the three day variety (so it had some recovery time built in)!

Friday was business as usual. I don't believe we did anything out of the ordinary that day.

On Saturday, our friends PJ and Lisa were married. We went to the ceremony in Westmont and then to the reception at the Holiday Inn downtown. It was your standard, classy kind of affair. We had a nice time, but the funny thing was that I worked with PJ and Lisa for quite a number of years so there were a lot of ex-coworkers at the wedding. That made it feel a little bit like a company Christmas party (but, with a bridal party!). At any rate, it was nice seeing everyone again.

Yesterday was quite busy. We started off the day by going to the Ethnic Festival to catch some lunch. Namely, pierogies at St. Mary's church. We walked around for a bit down there and then headed home because Brian had practice. After that, we made a stop in Moxham for our neighbor's open house (at Jackie's Toss N Wash). Then we went to a birthday party of an associate of Brian's. Once we returned home, we did some work outside and then watched a movie.

Today, we had no concrete plans. We were supposed to do some work on the office building, but the Small Business Expo is on Thursday and Brian is behind on the presentation we're showing, so he spent most of the day doing that. I mostly worked around the house, but threw in a little PDS work on top of that. Jake had a friend over in the afternoon.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. I managed to get caught up on my sleep, so I should be good to go for at least the next few days.

my own private idaho

We watched this movie last night. I'm not sure why I put it on my list and after seeing it I'm really not sure why I put it on my list. The movie wasn't horrible or anything, but I just wasn't into it. The sleeve of the movie said that one of the characters was a "narcoleptic male prostitute". Sounds hilarious, eh? Unfortunately it was a drama. Need I say more?

Sunday, September 6

garden wall continued

Here is the completed garden wall project. This evening, Brian cut the pieces for the corners so that they'd fit properly. Scratch another one off the "to do" list.

Tuesday, September 1

reservoir dogs

I saw this movie shortly after it came out and it has been on Brian's list since about that time. Thanks to Blockbuster screwing up the order of my season 3 Dexter DVDs, we were looking for something to watch this weekend (thanks again, Blockbuster!). So, I pulled this one out and we watched it (while drinking a Margarita, of course). I actually liked it better the 2nd time around. Brian liked it, too. If you like Quentin Tarantino, you will be sure to like this.

garden wall

So, I added caps to my vegetable garden wall last year. This made some of the blocks, made crooked by the frost heave, more obviously out of joint. I had it on my "to do" list to reset the messed up blocks, but never got around to it until yesterday. And, it only took a half an hour. Sometimes I don't know why I put stuff off.

For a change, there were no kids screaming in the background while I was working in the garden. However, the township decided that yesterday evening would be the perfect time to tar and chip our street. So, instead of having a quiet, relaxing evening in the garden, I got to work to the strains of heavy equipment and the smell of tar. Nice.