Friday, August 28

my groundhog day

It's been a while since I have blogged. That's because my current schedule is this: wake up; go to work; make supper; work around the house for a few hours (which is not nearly enough time); relax for an hour or so; go to bed; repeat. Notice: there is no blogging in there. I'm just grateful that I don't have Brian's schedule, which consists of wake up; go to work; go to bed; repeat. Ugh.

Weekends have been keeping us busy, too. Starting in mid-August, our weekend social calendar filled up through fall. I don't quite know how that happened. I mostly spend the weekends, working around our scheduled activities, trying to do all of the things I couldn't accomplish during the week. There is never enough time!

But, I know fall is on the way and that will free me up some since I can't go outside to work after supper when it's dark out. Even so, I'm not looking forward to that.

Saturday, August 22

the end is nigh

The main part of my gardening season is coming to a close. I removed the zucchini plants last week and the cucumbers today. The tomatoes will surely be coming out soon, too. They haven't looked good all season. I'm hoping some of the green tomatoes ripen before I have to remove the plants. Normally I don't do this stuff till after Labor Day, so I guess I'm ahead of the game this year (unfortunately).

I'll have some other stuff growing in there through the fall, but the events of the past week make me feel like the summer is over already.

Monday, August 17

jacob's ladder

We did a Movie and Margarita Night on Saturday and watched this film. It was really good--right up my alley. In the vein of Sixth Sense, but creepy. I don't know why I waited so long to watch it--don't make the same mistake!

Saturday, August 15

14 + 15

Last night we bottled our last two batches of wine for the year. It seems like we're always bottling the last of it in November so we're way ahead of schedule. That's the only place we're ahead of schedule, unfortunately. There is certainly not enough time in the day. Anyway, I'm not sure where I'm going to put all of the wine as there's not enough room on my wine rack. I guess I'll have to box some stuff up to make some room. There are worse problems to have.

Today, we went to the Carnegie Science Center with our friends to see the robot exhibit. It was pretty cool. I'd like to put Judy up against the air hockey robot and see how she fares--I didn't see too many people scoring points on it (and Judy is a wicked air hockey player). All of the boys had a great time checking out the science center.

I'm spending the afternoon getting caught up, as Saturday is wash day. I have a million other things to do, so I should probably get started on at least one of them.

Monday, August 10

long time, no post

I can't believe it's been over a month since I have posted. I guess I've been too busy gardening to blog. Seriously, though, I have gotten in a decent amount of gardening this summer. The garden is doing pretty well, though my tomato plants look a little scary. I don't think they have the blight, but I'm also not expecting a whole lot of tomatoes this year. I'm going to blame it on the weather since it's been so cold. Everything else has been good, though. I got a lot of cukes again. I made some refrigerator dill pickles last month. They turned out pretty well. I'd like to make some freezer pickles again this year (though not as many as I made last year--that was a bit ridiculous).

We joined a CSA this summer so between it and my garden, we have been inundated with veggies. I guess this is not a bad thing. Things were particularly bad the week we went on vacation but we're back to normal levels now.

The pond is doing well, too. We bought two tadpoles at the beginning of the year and, as expected, they turned into frogs. What was not expected is that they're still hanging out in the pond. I'll end with a great pic that Brian took last week. And, here I thought frogs only sat on lily pads in illustrations in children's books...

Sunday, August 9

eight and nine

The weekend was pretty busy. Yesterday, at the office, we removed a window and permanently installed an a/c in the reception area--just in time for the heat wave. It gets pretty stuffy in there on the warmer days so it will be nice to have an a/c in there. Of course, no job we do is ever completely done--we still need to paint the plywood we put in the window. Maybe next week...

Last night, we went to a party at Doug's house. It's been a while since he's had a party so this one wasn't to be missed. We got to meet some new people and catch up with with the rest. We all had a lot of fun.

Today, I couldn't wait to put our house a/c on for the first time this summer. I fired it up and it was running for a while, then Brian heard a funny sound when he was downstairs. It was the a/c. We fiddled around with it for a bit, but could not get it running. So, I need to call a repairman in tomorrow. Bad timing for this, that's for sure.

Brian got some shop time in throughout the day. I did some stuff around the house. I also had to work a little, as did Brian.

In the afternoon, Brian and I made sauerkraut for the first time. We made a ton of it (over 10 pounds). I did the slicing and he did the pressing. Hopefully it will turn out. It's surprisingly easy to make. We'll know in 4-6 weeks if it's any good.

After we were done with that, we went on a little motorcycle ride in order to cool off. I didn't get cooled off much as it was apparently almost too hot to ride today. But, it was still fun--we haven't gotten out much this year.

When we got back from riding, we went to the Roxbury Bandshell to check out today's music--Jenny Drummey and the Southside Strays. Brian took some photos for the Do Johnstown! photo stream.

Finally, this evening, I spent some time working in the yard. It was a good way to end the day.

Friday, August 7

the pink panther 2

This movie wasn't all that different from the first one in the series. Not too much I can say about it. Sure, it had a couple of amusing moments, but for the most part wasn't particularly funny. Jake could recite verbatim a bunch of lines from the movie, which tells me that they had way too many commercials on the air since this was his first viewing of it.

Kids will probably like this movie. Adults will want to stay away from it.

Monday, August 3


We went to our second wedding of the year on Saturday. My cousin got married. The reception was at the Mirage and was very nice.

We have yet another wedding coming up next month. It is interesting to note that we haven't been to many weddings recently. In our younger days, it seemed like we went to them all of the time, then it became one here and there. I realized just this weekend that all three weddings we were invited to this year were second weddings for at least one of the people involved in each and that most people were our age or older. Interesting. I wonder if the next few years will bring more of these events or if this year was just a fluke?

Sunday, August 2

vacation photos

american gangster

I'm a little behind on my blogging...We watched this film Friday night. It was good. It was based on the real life story of Frank Lucas. Pretty interesting stuff. Plus, my man Denzel Washington played the lead. You're always in for a good film when Denzel stars. If you're into organized crime flicks, you won't want to miss this one.