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a good day for cooking

Jacob wasn’t feeling well today so we all skipped out on church this morning and spent the day at home. I used my extra time this morning by goofing off, mostly. Though, it did enable me to start on brunch a little earlier than usual. We had Baked Eggs with Spinach and Tomatoes, bacon, and English muffins. Mmm.

I spent the afternoon doing my usual Sunday stuff. I was behind on grocery shopping this weekend (normally I go on Saturday), but Brian graciously went in my place this afternoon. I just was not in the mood to leave the house today. While he was out, I decided that I was hungry for something chocolatey, so I made some Raspberry-Cream Cheese Brownies. I haven’t had one yet, because I’m still full from supper, but I’m sure I’ll have one before the night ends.

Speaking of supper, I wanted to try making one of the Village Street sandwiches. So, I figured out the ingredient list for the Pedro Poncho and Brian made the sandwiches. I think they turned out even better than at the restaurant!

And, finally, in order to get a jump on the week, I have a pot of Simple Tomato Sauce on the stove as we speak. It’s going to perform double duty as I’m using it for two different supper recipes this week.

This was my kind of day from a standpoint of getting things done.