Saturday, February 28

sled dogs

We went to this sled dog event with the Millers today at Prince Gallitzin State Park. I froze my ass off, but all of the boys enjoyed themselves. There wasn't any snow on the ground so the dogs were harnessed to a sled-like thing that had wheels on it. After all of the kids had their turn on the "sled", we walked down to the lake where the boys played on the ice. Then at 11, there was a "how to start a fire without any matches" demonstration by a park ranger. That was pretty interesting. The boys wanted to go back to the lake, but all of the parents had other places to be this afternoon, so we all headed out after that.

I was thinking that the form of exercise we witnessed today would be perfect for Buster. Brian takes Buster running almost every day (for 2 miles!) and the dog comes home more fired up than before the run--it's more of a warm-up for him. Alternatively, I was thinking about getting roller blades, but with Buster's attitude, I'd probably end up in the hospital. So, instead, I may just order the Springer Bicycle Dog Jogger. Way back when we had our crazy little schnauzer, I used to hold her lead while riding my bike. Probably not the safest form of dog exercise, but we never ran into any issues and nothing tires a dog out like letting them sprint up and down the street. Buster is too big for me to control while holding a lead and riding a bike, so this springer thing may be just the ticket.

Friday, February 27

they're alive!

The ice from the pond melted and the water was nice and clear today, so I was able to see all four of our goldfish. They amazingly survived the winter. I could not find the catfish, though he has not been spotted since last summer. He may still be in there, he may be dead. No one really knows. But, I was pretty happy to see the goldfish alive and well. Our pond is only 18 inches deep and I was afraid it might freeze solid over the winter and kill the fish, but apparently that did not happen. Either that or the goldfish survived an experiment in cryogenics.

Wednesday, February 25

humane society

I went to a Humane Society 101 class this evening. It basically told you how to get the word out in a proper manner. It was interesting, but I don't know how applicable it was to this point in my life (I have no time to get the word out, just yet).

In other Humane Society news, I was checking out the Humane Society of Somerset County's web site today. I check it, and a few others, a few times a month. I'm not sure why because we're certainly not going to get any more pets at this point. As our neighbors once said, "the inn is full". But, I always have a soft spot for the dobermans/mixes I see on there. I've been following this particular one for quite a while now and he made the pet of the week this week. Being the pet of the week isn't all it's cracked up to be. This poor guy has been there for almost a year now. With any luck, by the time you read this, Boyd will have found a new home. But, if not, you should totally consider adopting him. I'm sure he would make a fine pet.

Sunday, February 22


This movie was on loan from Brian's parents. They really liked it and thought we might as well, so they let us borrow it. We finally got around to watching it last night. And, I have to say it was a good movie. The plot was pretty convoluted so I won't try to explain it here. But the short version is that a grown man is able to go back in time and talk to his father on a short-wave radio. This story had more twists and turns in it than a James Patterson novel. Pretty good stuff.

Saturday, February 21

bd party

This time the party wasn't for Brian. This afternoon, we headed to our friends' house for a suprise 30th birthday party for the female half of the couple. That's right--30. We might be getting older, but our friends sure aren't. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon and Jake got to play with his best buddy so all was good.

Friday, February 20

pineapple express

Frankly, I thought this movie was going to be funnier than it was, but I still found it entertaining. I don't watch a lot of comedies, because they usually disappoint. For a comedy to be a success with me, I need to cry from laughing while watching it. Unfortunately, that did not happen tonight, but we'll give this movie a break because it was described as a comedy-crime-thriller (on imdb, anyway). It was a smidge too long, so I'm glad I went with the "theatrical version" rather than the "uncut version" when selecting which movie to play on the dvd. All in all not a bad movie, but not necessarily the best of the bunch.

Tuesday, February 17

it didn't feel like a day off

After getting Jake on the bus this morning, I had some breakfast, read the paper, and checked my email. Then I got moving and ran to the recycling place in Ebensburg to drop off an old computer monitor and a burned out cfl bulb. I also stopped at two banks on the way to make deposits.

When I got home it was time for lunch. After lunch, I grabbed a quick nap and then headed to the PDS office. I had a meeting there with a sales guy at 2:00 to go over some new benefits we're planning to offer this year. Prior to the meeting I fooled around with the linux server we have. I'm trying to get some project management software installed and not having much success. I didn't have a lot of time to look into the issue today so hopefully I will be able to figure it out when I have more time (whenever that might be).

I went directly from the office to the school to pick up Jake, who had a dentist appointment at 4:00. By the time we got home from that, it was business as usual.

Probably not an ideal way to spend a day off, but it was still better than going to work.

Saturday, February 14

the last celebration

We had the last of Brian's many birthday dinners this evening. I don't know how this guy rates. My mom cooked a delicious Italian dinner. We had lasagna, chicken parmesan, garlic bread and a salad. Followed up by an ice cream cake roll for dessert. And, we even got to bring home some leftovers so we're all set for supper tomorrow night.

the pink panther

Thanks to the fact that The Pink Panther 2 came out this weekend, and the commercials for it have been inundating the airwaves, Jake wanted to see both movies in the series. So, we rented The Pink Panther and watched it last night. I will say two things about it--it totally met my expectations and it was totally not funny. Jake thought it was a laugh riot, though. So, you may not want to take any movie recommendations from him.

We also celebrated Brian's birthday last night (a day early). I made stromboli for supper and he opened presents. Besides the movie, that was really about it. We're kind of low key when it comes to birthdays for the older folks in the house.

Sunday, February 8

when zombies attack

I have a 65% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

What's your score?

Saturday, February 7

step brothers

In honor of Brian's birthday month, we're going to watch comedies all month long. Sometimes, he does not enjoy my selection of movies. I don't get it, really.

After watching numerous Will Ferrell movies, I've come to the conclusion that Will Ferrell appeals only to men. Kind of like the Three Stooges. Though, I have to say, this movie had a funny moment or two. Well, at least one, anyway. Brian really seemed to enjoy it, though. So, I guess if you're male you might like this. Otherwise, you might want to skip it.

Friday, February 6

bd celebration #1

Brian's first birthday celebration of the year was this evening. We went to his parent's where his mom cooked up some calzones for dinner. There was also wine. After dinner, we played three games of Wii bowling (yes, Brian's parents have a Wii), wherein I kicked ass two of the three games. It was a good evening.

Thursday, February 5

life expectancy

This was a novel by Dean Koontz. I finished reading it last night. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the plot was kind of interesting. On the other hand, it pretty much followed the old Dean Koontz formula. Plus, some of the characters were so ridiculously named (Punchinello Beezo. Virgilio Vivacemente.) that I had a hard time taking things seriously.

After reading the first chapter, I knew there was going to be a major plot twist at the end. I like plot twists, but I don't like to see them coming from page 10 (I guess it's not really that much of a plot twist if you know about it ahead of time). And while I didn't quite guess what the plot twist was, I came close enough. One other thing to note, the beginning of the book was kind of slow, but things picked up at the end. If you are a Dean Koontz fan, you might find this book worth reading. If not, maybe not so much.

Wednesday, February 4

now on facebook!

Like a lemming, I joined Facebook. I'm not sure how much I'm going to use it, but you never know. One nice thing was that I was able to link up my blogger account to it so at least it will be getting semi-regular updates if nothing else. Look me up if you're on there.

Sunday, February 1

a hunky superbowl

The reason I like the Super Bowl is that I get to plan out some cool food. The past few years, I've been doing a theme for the food. This year, I thought it would be fun to do a hunky theme since the Steelers were playing. And, since I'm a little hunky (and have the family recipes to back it up), I felt that this would be more than appropriate for the evening.

So, we had kielbasa (two kinds!), hot dogs, sauerkraut and home-made pierogies. There was also chips and dip, some Buffalo chicken dip (while not exactly fitting the theme, it does seem to be a Western Pennsylvania staple), tortilla chips, salsa, nuts, and chocolate chip cookies (I think that's everything). Brian's parents brought wings and a dip for tortilla chips. Needless to say, there was too much food (it was just us, the in-laws and Brian's friend, Shawn). I tend to overdo it when I make food for a group. But, at least we won't go hungry this week at lunch.

Oh yeah, there was a game, too. The game was way closer than I would have liked, but the Steelers pulled out a win at the end and made it all worthwhile. The only bad thing about the evening is that they're showing a new hour long episode of The Office and it won't be over until 11:30, but I have to go to bed now or I'm never going to be able to get up for work tomorrow.