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2008: the year in review

Favorite movie: Cloverfield. I still think about it. Iron Man was quite entertaining as well, but not quite as thought provoking.

Favorite book: Heart Shaped Box. I didn’t have time to read a lot this year, but I think this would have been my favorite no matter what.

Favorite music: Nothing. I didn’t buy a single cd this year that I can think of.

The year started off with time suck #1 of the year, Buster. He is well chronicled on this blog. Buying a new building followed. The remodel of said building wins the award for time suck #2 of the year. And, then I got a new job somewhere in between all of that. There were other activities going on, such as putting a garden pond in our back yard.

Even though it was a busy year, we managed to have some fun. We took a family vacation to Chincoteague and Brian and I took a motorcycle trip to Berkeley Springs.

This has been quite the year. I’m glad it’s over. Here’s to a less stressful 2009.