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bowling for columbine

I just realized that we watched this movie last week and I did not post about it. We can’t have that, so here goes…

This was another documentary from Michael Moore. This time, it was about gun violence in America. He made quite the compelling argument that Americans kill out of fear, which is perpetuated by the media and the government. Like I said before, you can make the statistics work any way you want them to, but he did bring up some good points. It also helps to be leaning to the left while you are watching this film.

This was another Blockbuster rental. Brian’s two month gift subscription ends next week. But, I’ve decided to extend it another month or two so we can see the rest of the movies on our list. Damn Blockbuster, anyway. I guess that’s how they get you, though. I will definitely be cancelling after we see all that there is to see. We have HBO and Starz, so there’s really no reason to continue on with the subscription indefinitely. After Jacob was born, we fell really behind on our movie watching. We should be caught up in a month or two so then we won’t need it anymore.