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Brian and I caught this movie on HBO the other night. I used to totally love Tom Cruise. So did my mom. We used to go see all of his movies at the theatre whenever a new one came out. Not so, anymore. He’s kind of fallen out of favor with me with all of the Scientology crap. I still think he’s a good actor (though he can’t grow a beard to save his life. maybe he should take some vitamins or something.), but I don’t like him enough to shell out my hard-earned cash to see his movies. But, if one should be showing for free, I’ll probably watch it.

This was a great movie, though. It is a story about a contract killer (Cruise) who hijacks a cab driver (Jamie Foxx. hoo-rah) and makes him drive him around the city so he can kill a bunch of people on his list. This was my first Jamie Foxx movie. I rather liked him. I remember watching him on In Living Color way back when. He’s turned into quite a good actor.

The Flick Filosopher has much to say about this movie so I might as well not even bother trying. You can read a good review here.