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beef & wine

Yesterday was a busy one. After I got off work at 2:30, my mom and I ran to Somerset to pick up a side of beef. After splitting the meat between the two of us, I crammed ours into our little chest freezer (I really need to get an upright freezer soon) and then loaded Jake into the car to run for wine supplies. Someone told me that Oak Spring Winery moved from the Galleria to the Westwood Plaza, but I’ll be damned if I could find it. I really needed supplies, though, so I took a chance that the new Thomas Feed Mill wine store (can’t remember the name) would still be open and ran to Windber. Luckily, they were open till 6:00 (it was 5:45 when I arrived), so I was able to buy some bottle sanitizer.

I spent the evening washing bottles and then we bottled my last two batches of wine for the year. We did a Petit Verdot wine kit which was quite tasty already and a batch of Strawberry-Zinfandel that I made from a recipe. I used red zinfandel rather than white zinfandel this time so it’s a little drier than usual, but still quite good. Anyway, that gives me over four cases to put in my wine racks come Monday night. Good thing–they were starting to look a little sparse.

On Friday, I also reserved the five Selection Limited Edition wine kits for 2006. Cheers!