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the assassination of richard nixon

Brian and I caught this movie Saturday night. It was ok–Sean Penn’s acting was superb as always–but we weren’t into the movie as a whole. For some reason, the two of us thought the plot was going to be completely different (it was basically about a guy who was a complete failure in life and he somehow came to blame this on the president). As you can surmise from the title, this movie took place in the 1970’s. Unlike the last movie I watched that took place in the 70’s, Boogie Nights, this movie didn’t look like the 70’s threw up all over the characters–I wasn’t sitting there thinking “just look at those clothes and hair!” the whole time. One nice surprise in the movie was the fact that Naomi Watts was in it. The woman is like a chameleon. Every time I see her she looks different (sometimes even within the same movie). I always have to ask Brian, “Is that Naomi Watts?” I wouldn’t say she got to shine in this movie, but just having her in it made it better that it would’ve been.