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bathroom remodel: day 28

We should’ve gotten a lot done today, but we did not. Here’s why: first off, we were supposed to go on a bike ride today, but it was kind of chilly, so we did not. But, we already had Brian’s parents lined up to babysit, so Brian ran Jacob over there this morning, anyway. After he got back, we did our fall yardwork/put stuff away for the winter. Everything’s done except tidying up the gardens and planting my garlic.

After this, we were finally able to start working on the bathroom. First, the old wall lights were removed. Next, we determined the location of the new mirror and wall sconces. We didn’t have the right type of electric box for the sconces, so Brian had to run to Lowe’s for supplies. While he was there, he planned on picking up our vanity top (which finally came in this week–7 weeks after we ordered it–10 to 14 working days, my ass!). Any time he’s picked up any special orders from Lowe’s he’s always had to wait 30-45 minutes for them to find our stuff “in the back”. Today was no different. After they loaded up the vanity top, he noticed that the holes that were drilled for the faucet did not look correct. His suspicions were confirmed after he arrived home and I brought out the new faucet. So, he called Lowe’s and spoke with a manager, who had to call him back. Brian wasn’t home when the manager called back and no one else in that big store could help him when he returned the manager’s call, so now this is going to have to wait until tomorrow. To be continued…

While we basically did no work today, since Lowe’s took up a few hours of our time (between the trip out there, talking to people on the phone, and general bitching about how we’re never going to shop there again), I feel this counted as a “remodeling” day.