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bathroom remodel: day 16

Things certainly didn’t go how I hoped today. Right after work, I busted my ass to get the toilet and tub areas painted. Our intention was to install the toilet this evening. We started working on that after supper only to find that the new shutoff valve we bought was the wrong kind. We went to the hardware store up the street and bought a new one. This one was the wrong size. Then we ran to Lowe’s and bought another one. This time it worked.

Brian attached the wax ring to the toilet and set it on the floor. It didn’t look like it fit properly (it was too small–probably because the ceramic tile raised the height of the floor). Since it was 9:30, we didn’t feel like running to Lowe’s again, so this will have to wait until tomorrow. Also, the bolts that were in the toilet flange were too short. New bolts were supplied with the wax ring and they look like they’ll work, but we had a scare when we thought the old bolts weren’t going to come out.

This is the worst project we have ever worked on or ever will.