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We finally got the lumber situation figured out as much as we possibly can. The bottom line is that Brian’s going to have to use up a bunch of cherry this summer if he plans on storing his motorcycle indoors next winter. No complaints here. At least not from me. I could really use some living room and dining room trim.

Next we will build a playhouse for Jacob. This is going to be his birthday present, so we’re on a rather tight schedule (he turns 5 on May 13). This is the playhouse we are going to build, but without the slide and swing. Shh. Don’t tell him–it’s a surprise. We went for supplies yesterday and today and still have another trip to make. Surprisingly, he didn’t ask what we were going to build. I guess that’s what too many trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s will get you–apathy. Brian told him we are building another storage unit–kind of like the shed. We’re going to do the same color scheme as we did on the shed, so it should turn out pretty nice.

So, in case you’re wondering what I’m doing the next four weeks, this is it.