Thursday, March 31

quitters, inc.

Today was the big day. The day we'd never thought we'd see...Brian quit smoking (and it's not because he's dead). He was supposed to quit 9 years ago before we got married, but that didn't quite work out for him. He finally decided that he was going to quit next year, right after his 35th birthday. But, the more we talked about it, the more he kept moving up the date.

Unlike the last time he tried (9 years ago), he did not go cold turkey. He's on the patch and will be for 8 weeks. He also read this great book (thanks, Steve!) that really motivated him to quit right away. So, we're all pretty happy about this.

But, you know what the real motivating factor was? The almighty dollar. I used to think that cost wasn't an effective deterrent for smokers. Thankfully, I've been proven wrong.

Tuesday, March 29

s&m: it's disgusting

Jacob got an Easter egg that contained M&Ms. He wanted some for a snack today. As I was pouring them into his bowl, he said "I'm glad these are M&Ms. Last time they were S&Ms and they tasted disgusting."

It's still funny.

Monday, March 28


Let's see I bought:
1. a yoga book from
2. yoga pants from Land's End
3. a yoga shirt from Old Navy

Now, all I need is 30-60 minutes a day to practice. Anyone know where I can buy that online?

Sunday, March 27

easter 2005

This year, my family was on top of the Easter rotation, so we spent the day with them. We had a great meal. In particular, the home-made cheese pasta in chicken soup was superb. Best of all, we came home with a bunch of leftovers, so I don't have to cook supper tomorrow. Don't get me wrong--I love to cook. However, it is nice to catch a break every once in a while. In addition to my parents and grandmother, my Aunt Betty also spent the day with us because her family was not able to come in for Easter. It was nice seeing her, too. Unfortunately, my brother had to work today, so he was not able to be with us. I guess the moral of that story is don't get a job as a pharmacist or you have to work all of the time.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Saturday, March 26

now with more glass

Schwan's called us today. Apparently they are recalling their Pork Egg Roll product because it might contain glass fragments. Glass fragments. Of course, I've already eaten half the box of egg rolls...I tend to think if there was any glass in it, I would've noticed.

This definitely was NOT a question on that life expectancy quiz I took last week: Do you eat foods with glass fragments in it? If so, I might not have gotten the high number that I did.

Suddenly, I'm no longer having a craving for pork egg rolls.

10 hours of bliss

Jake was invited to his grammy and pappy Law's last night in order to decorate eggs and make Easter cookies. For numerous reasons, Brian and I were both beat this week, so we both decided to take this opportunity to sleep in this morning. We didn't get up till 10am and that was because my alarm went off (there's no need to be ridiculous--10 hours of sleep is probably enough). Anyway, we both felt great today, but didn't get much done given the hour we got up. No big deal. We're going to be busy enough in April so taking a weekend off is probably a good thing. Brian got a little shop time in and I wrapped up the laundry room. Brian's picking Jacob up now, so I better go get his Easter basket ready while they're still gone.


I had to go grocery shopping last night. I got in the car to drive to the Giant Eagle near our home and Fool For Your Loving by Whitesnake was playing on the 80's at 8 on 92.1 The Suck. Uh, I mean The Rock. I only caught the tail end of the song, and then Burning Heart by Vandenberg started playing! I actually had to consider driving to Giant Eagle in Richland just so I could listen to the good music. So, I guess it's safe to listen to 92.1 between the hours of 8 and 8:30. Just so you know David Coverdale is to Angela as Peter Steele is to Judy. And Adrian Vandenberg isn't too bad, either. Well, back in the day, anyway...

Wednesday, March 23

i am the queen of caulk

We pretty much finished putting the laundry room back together this evening. I still have a few minor details to attend to tomorrow, but first I must go to the hardware store to pick up some stuff. The biggest pain about this evening was caulking the seams of the wall trim. You're not supposed to grout along the edges because the floor needs to expand/contract with the seasons, so they sell you this caulk that matches the grout. I have to say, I've become quite good at caulking, though it was never anything I aspired to be good at. I've found that the key is to mask off the area that you are working on--this eliminates the messy clean up. That is your construction tip of the day.

The music room still needs attended to, but that won't take long--everything just needs to be moved back into the room before practice Saturday night. I think we can handle that.

dead at 91?

That's how long this test said I'm going to live. How about you?

Monday, March 21

first day of spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring. So, you know what that means--only 6 more weeks of winter left! To hell with the groundhog...

Sunday, March 20

oscar the grout

As if I wasn't tired enough from yesterday's escapades, Brian made us get up for 8am church today because we had to be at his grandmother's (in Maryland) at 12:30 for dinner. She was having a 30th wedding celebration for Brian's Aunt Phyl and Uncle John. We didn't stay for long because Brian had practice scheduled this evening. However, when we got home there was still an hour to spare before he had to leave, so we decided to grout the laundry room then rather than after practice, as originally planned. The job took exactly an hour. I really hate grouting, but after spending about 8 hours grouting our family room last year, it's hard to complain about an hour's worth of work.

I think I need to sit down now.

Saturday, March 19

ceramic tile: laundry room

About a year ago, we put ceramic tile in our family room. We had a bunch left over, so I thought it would be a good idea to put it to use in our laundry room. Of course, we didn't have quite enough tile to do that, so we bought some additional tile of a different color with the idea of doing a checkerboard pattern. Here it is a year later, and the project finally made it onto our home improvement schedule.

We were getting set up this morning and I noticed that the boxes for the two different types of tiles looked like they were slightly different sizes. So, I put one tile on top of the other and they were indeed different sizes. I then read the fine print on the boxes. One box of "12" inch tiles was 12 1/4 inches. The other box of "12" inch tiles was 11 3/4 inches. Who would've thought? So, I had to do some quick thinking and come up with a way to use both sizes of tile. I decided that it would be best to use the one color of tile to fill up the middle of the room and the other staggered around the perimeter and also for the wall trim. I have to say--it came out better than I had expected--it actually looks like we planned it that way. I think I like it better than my original idea, so I couldn't be happier with the results.

Necessity--it's the mother of invention.

big head

It's the middle of March, so you know what that means...time to order motorcycle accessories! We were both off yesterday, so we went to Zepka's to order some stuff Brian needed for his bike and to get helmets. Originally, I was going to wait until later in the summer to purchase my helmet, but I was caught up in the excitement of it all so I decided to get mine yesterday, too. As it turned out, it was a good decision because we got a discount on our first order since he bought his bike there.

One thing I did learn is that people simply do not look cool while wearing motorcycle helmets unless they are on a bike. It didn't help that I got a 3/4 coverage helmet that's approximately the width of my body. I look completely ridiculous, but at least I'll still have a brain left if my head ever meets the pavement. Brian, on the other hand, got one of those half helmets. Apparently, he's only concerned with the top half of his brain. But he does look slightly less ridiculous than I do. Particularly when he's wearing his other motorcycle gear. We'll probably buy additional helmets in the future so that we each have different types so we can pick and choose depending on where we're going to be riding. For example, highway driving= 3/4 helmet. tooling around town=1/2 helmet. At least that's the formula I'm going to use.

Friday, March 18

thar she blows

I was thisclose to having my wish of buying a new vehicle come true. Yesterday, I took Jacob to karate and I noticed that my oil light was flickering. Coincidentally, my car was due for an oil change today, so Brian asked them to take a look at the problem. It turns out that the oil sensing unit was leaking and all but 1 quart of oil had leaked from my engine. Had the remaining quart of oil drained out, it would've blown my engine. I keep telling Brian that if my car ever needs a new engine, I'm buying a new one. Well, it didn't happen today and I suppose that's fortunate, but we've been hit with yet another unexpected expense for my vehicle. I'm starting to rethink this idea we had to keep our vehicles 8-10 years. Maybe 7 years is when we should get rid of them. I could be thousands of dollars ahead right now had I done so.

Wednesday, March 16


The 2005 OzzFest information has been released. Quite frankly, I'm disappointed. I've seen half of the main stage acts already. Numerous times at that. And, there aren't any second stage acts I'm interested in, so I guess I'll be sitting this one out. I was really hoping for Nine Inch Nails on OzzFest. That would've been cool. I would have gone just to see them. I guess we'll have to try to catch them if they come around here.


Tuesday, March 15

100,000 miles on the car

100,000 miles. That's a first for a vehicle owned by me. It hit the landmark about a week ago, but I forgot to post about the momentous event. My trusty, rusty RAV4 better hang on for about another two years, though, because that's when we'll next be able to afford another vehicle payment. That is, assuming that Brian and I are both still gainfully employed. His job is certainly more secure than mine, but I guess you never know what the future may hold. No sense worrying about things I have no control over. But, I just really want a new car. Really.

i'll have mine with extra boogers

Brian felt compelled to complain to management about our Domino's experience from the other day. He stopped by yesterday after work, but the manager wasn't there and wasn't going to be in until today. I pretty much talked him out of going there again because, really, what was it going to accomplish? He finally agreed. However, the manager from Domino's called here today. Brian called him back and the guy apologized and offered us some free pizza coupons. Brian declined, but he said he was going to send them to us anyway. Like I'm going to order from there again anyway...I'll have mine with extra boogers, but hold the sneeze, please.

Then you read an article like this and it makes you wonder why you ever eat out.

Sunday, March 13

lumber rack

Yesterday, Brian and I started working on an additional lumber rack for his woodshop (yeah, one's not good enough for him). Jacob went to his babysitter's house for a few hours so we could get some work done. We didn't have enough time to complete the job yesterday, but we were able to finish the assembly this evening. We still need to install the new racks, but this will have to wait until the weather improves because we'll need to put a bunch of stuff in the driveway in order to get things organized. So, if it ever stops snowing, we'll be able to finish this project. Maybe in April...

Though the new racks will hold a lot of wood, I don't think they're going to hold all of the cherry that is currently sitting in the shed. So, I've been trying to think of some ways to use a bunch of cherry fast. If things go my way, I'll be getting my house trimmed a lot faster than anticipated.

95 minutes or less?

Is this Domino's new slogan? Brian ordered a pizza at 6:45 this evening. They said it would be ready in 40-45 minutes. Well, it was 7:55 and we were still without pizza so Brian called to see what was up with our order. They said that it would be delivered any minute. Any minute. 8:20 rolls around and finally our pizza is delivered. Our COLD pizza, that is. Have you ever eaten cold Domino's pizza? Try some cardboard and you'll get the idea. We were all pretty pissed off by this point, so Brian decided to return the pizza. He went back there and got our money back and they likely added our name to the "sneeze" list. So, I guess you can add them to my boycott list.

Anyway, I felt really bad for Jake. This is a kid who can't go more than 30 minutes without eating. Jake was hungry, but Brian and I had some work to do (more on that in a separate post), so we told him that we'd be eating when we were done. Normally he'd be bothering us every 15 seconds about food, but he didn't this one time. Well, we got done with our work and called for the pizza and the kid ended up having to eat a waffle for supper at 8:30. Geez. All he wanted was some pizza.

Friday, March 11

deja vu

I feel like shit.

I kind of felt like I was coming down with a cold yesterday, and in the middle of the night, my feeling became reality. I woke up with a stuffy nose and headache and couldn't fall back asleep for hours. So, I took today off in order to get caught up on my rest. I'm all caught up, but I still feel like crap. Oh well, at least I'll have the weekend to recover. Hopefully I'll feel a little better tomorrow because we have a project scheduled.

Thursday, March 10

itching for spring

I've been feeling restless the past few days. I think this is due to the beautiful day we had this past Monday (and the crappy days we've had since). Jake and I even managed to go outside and play for an hour before supper that day. Since it's way to early to be doing any yardwork, I didn't have much to do outside, so I mostly played with Jake. He wanted to play hide-and-go-seek. I'm always hesitant to play that game with him because of an incident we had last year...he wanted to play the aforementioned game and I was to hide. There aren't a whole lot of places to hide in our yard, so I hid in the shed. I was in there for like 10 minutes and he didn't find me, so I ended up looking for him instead. I looked everywhere for him and he wasn't to be found. Naturally, I figured he was abducted. I decided to check the house just in case he went in there. I found him in the living room watching tv. Apparently he gave up on finding me so he decided to go watch the tube instead. Sheesh.

While we were out the other day, I did put a few things away in the shed--namely the scooter Jake got for Christmas and the new lawnmower we got last week. Let me tell you about this mower--it's a reel mower (you know, one of those old-fashioned kind of mowers that doesn't use any gas). I don't know why, but I've always wanted one of these. Last year I decided to get one since we now have a place to store it. I absolutely refuse to cut the grass with a gas-powered mower because they're just too freaking loud. But, I can see my self using this new one. Don't get me wrong--I don't plan on cutting the grass every week, but I can see myself helping out a little this summer. Brian never wanted one of these mowers, but he's into it now. It could just be because any grass I mow is grass he doesn't have to mow. We're going to see how we like it and if it works well, we may just get rid of our gas mowers next year. Time will tell.

Tuesday, March 8

home depot

We took a trip to Home Depot on Sunday in order to pick up some stuff for an upcoming project. Remeber how we built that shed last year and then filled it up with cherry lumber? Well, we need to build a rack to hold the lumber so that Brian's motorcycle! motorcycle! motorcycle! has a home. Granted, the bike's not scheduled for delivery until April or May, but there's no sense in waiting until the last minute, either.

It's going to be a busy spring, summer, and fall. I have quite a few projects planned for this year. Stay tuned for updates...

Saturday, March 5

the playdate

Today, we hosted our first playdate. Jacob's friend, Jake came over to play this afternoon. The boys had a great time and everything went smoothly. Jacob was disappointed when Jake's dad arrived to pick him up. But, like Brian said, any time before 11pm probably would've been too early for the boys.

We put the dogs in the family room because who really wants to have to deal with two little boys and two dogs running around? (Especially since I still have a migraine today.) The girls did well down there (having some rawhide to chew on didn't hurt things). I took the first shift of watching the kids, so Brian went to the shop for a little while to work on the end table he's been building. While Brian watched the kids, I planted a few seeds for my garden (indoors). By few, I mean 48 plants. I'm not sure if I'm going to have enough room to plant everything indoors this year--I'll have to figure something out regarding that for sure. I mostly planted herbs today because I'm putting in a bigger herb garden this year. The good thing is that I won't need to replant most of these herbs next year because a lot of them are perennials. I also planted some broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Anyway, the bad thing about this playdate stuff is that Jacob wants to have everyone from daycare over at some point. I don't know if I'll ever be up for that...

nypd blue

The last episode of NYPD Blue aired last Tuesday. We had to tape it and watch it Wednesday night because I had to go into work 30 minutes early Wednesday and I didn't want to chance things by staying up late Tuesday night. I thought the final episode was a great ending to the series. It was pretty much like any other episode, but you did manage to get some closure from it. I'm sure going to miss Andy Sipowicz. I've been watching the show since its inception 12 years ago. I converted Brian over once we started dating. The show has seen me through over 1/3 of my life. I've lived in four different places since it's been on. I was single, then married, then a mom. A lot of things have happened in the past 12 years.

I guess all good things must come to an end.

50 first dates

Last night was a migraine and a movie night, so no margaritas were had. Better luck next time. The movie was 50 First Dates. We caught it on HBO. In comparison to Along Came Polly, this movie was a masterpiece. We both thought it was really funny. My favorite scene was when Drew Barrymore beat Rob Schneider with the baseball bat--it was hilarious. Any movie that makes me laugh till I cry gets a thumbs up from me.

The Flick Filosopher did not review this movie. Apparently she thinks that "Life is too short to watch Adam Sandler movies." Sheesh. I have to admit, I've never been a huge Adam Sandler fan, but a lot of his movies are quite funny.

Friday, March 4

along came polly

Brian and I watched this movie last night. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I thought it was going to be half-decent, but it really wasn't all that funny. The best parts involved Hank Azaria's character, Claude. I never knew he was so buff (and he looks pretty cool with longish hair as well). Other than that, there's not much to say.

The Flick Filosopher agreed.

Thursday, March 3


Yeah, Brian doesn't either. You'd think with all of the motorcycle! motorcycle! motorcycle! he's had on his brain the past 6 months, he would have remembered to sign up for his motorcycle safety course on Tuesday. I mean, he was even talking about it on Monday and spent a good chunk of last weekend reading the motorcycle safety handbook. Luckily, his friend John was also signing up for the course, so he called here Tuesday morning to see what class Brian got into.

Since Brian hadn't mentioned anything to me about the course, I presumed (correctly) that he had forgotten to sign up for it. So, I IM'ed him and that was indeed the case. By the time he logged on, the first course was full, so he had to sign up for the second one (which John is also in). Doesn't really matter, I guess, though the first course would've been slightly more convenient. However, if John wouldn't have called, I wonder if any courses would have been left by the time Brian got around to signing up.

It just goes to show, it's not just the stuff I ask him to do that he can't remember. I mean, if he can't remember to do something related to his motorcycle, what else is there?

Wednesday, March 2


It's kind of funny how some people have found my blog. For instance, at the time of this writing I am:

#55 on google for celebrating birthdays at preschool

#28 on yahoo for replacing dishwasher door seal frigidaire

#8 on yahoo for Angela Jolie grandmother

and my favorite, #3 on google for rotten potato smell in house

Tuesday, March 1

happy march

Well, here it is, the first day of March, and we're in the midst of the biggest snow storm of the winter. To tell you the truth, it doesn't really bother me. And, I wouldn't be surprised if we had one or two more of these before the end of the month. It's hard to be bothered by snow in March. Especially when your daily commute to work normally involves walking up 14 steps inside your house. Plus, I'm scheduled to start planting stuff for my garden (indoors) this coming weekend, so I know spring is right around the corner.

Brian got screwed yesterday. Because all of the weather forecasts were calling for major snow yesterday, on Sunday night he decided that he was going to work at home on Monday. So, of course, we hardly got any snow yesterday, but today wasn't so good weather-wise. At least he made it in to work OK and on-time.

Think spring!