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s&m: it’s disgusting

Jacob got an Easter egg that contained M&Ms. He wanted some for a snack today. As I was pouring them into his bowl, he said “I’m glad these are M&Ms. Last time they were S&Ms and they tasted disgusting.” It’s still funny.


Let’s see I bought: 1. a yoga book from 2. yoga pants from Land’s End 3. a yoga shirt from Old Navy Now, all I need is 30-60 minutes a day to practice. Anyone know where I can buy that online?

easter 2005

This year, my family was on top of the Easter rotation, so we spent the day with them. We had a great meal. In particular, the home-made cheese pasta in chicken soup was superb. Best of all, we came home with a bunch of leftovers, so I don’t have to …

now with more glass

Schwan’s called us today. Apparently they are recalling their Pork Egg Roll product because it might contain glass fragments. Glass fragments. Of course, I’ve already eaten half the box of egg rolls…I tend to think if there was any glass in it, I would’ve noticed. This definitely was NOT a …

10 hours of bliss

Jake was invited to his grammy and pappy Law’s last night in order to decorate eggs and make Easter cookies. For numerous reasons, Brian and I were both beat this week, so we both decided to take this opportunity to sleep in this morning. We didn’t get up till 10am …