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lizzy and the ferocious beast

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was going to try to find a kennel closer to home to board our dogs when we go on vacation. We’re going on vacation in May, so I had to get on the proverbial stick today and call around. Here’s what I found out…basically all of the places in our area are your run of the mill kennels. They all cost about the same, too. All places would probably be equally good, but I absolutely know that the dogs are well taken care of at the Cozy Inn Pet Resort, so it looks like we’re sticking with them (assuming they are available the dates of our trip). Like Brian said, going there is annoying (because of the distance) and expensive–just like my dogs. It’s a match made in heaven, more or less.

I was rather disappointed with the racist comments made by the one place I called. They didn’t want to board Ripley because she is a doberman. Something about their temperament was the reason. All I can guess is that this person is still living in the 1970s when dobermans were overbred and overly aggressive. Who else could possibly say such things about my favorite dog breed? Hmm. Maybe I should’ve found a different picture for display…