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weekend update

Today, the boys went to see Santa Claus at a Shriner’s function in Altoona. They went with Pappy Law and Jake’s cousin Erika. This gave me an opportunity to accomplish a few things on my Sunday “to do” list. First off, I took a nap (of course) on the couch with the pups. Then I went down to the shop to work on one of my finishing projects. Note to self: never do a finishing project after sleeping on the couch with the dogs. I spent about as much time picking yellow hairs out of the project as I did shellacking it. I guess we’ll call it my “Mission Hair” finish.

Afterwards, I wrapped a few Christmas gifts. This coming Friday is our official gift wrapping day, but I thought I’d try to get a jump on things. Now that Jake is in the picture, gift wrapping has taken on a whole new dimension. After that, I ran to Em’s for a sub. By the time I took two bites out of it, Jake and Brian returned (about an hour earlier than I expected). So, I still have some things to accomplish. Maybe after the Steeler game is over…