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Every time we are in the car, Brian says “just think, next year at this time, we could be on the motorcycle.” This statement is patently false for two reasons:
1. Jake is always in the car with us. Three people cannot fit on one motorcycle (at least not legally without a sidecar–of which Brian’s motorcycle is not going to be equipped).
2. It is winter and we live in Western PA.

Needless to say, he is even more excited about the motorcycle! motorcycle! motorcycle! now than he was before. He even has a timeline in place to get him through the next few months:
1. Christmas=good (presents!)
2. January=bad (nothing good ever comes out of January)
3. February=good (new tattoo for him and it’s also his birth month)
4. March=good (time to order motorcycle accessories)
5. April=good (new tattoo for me & motorcycle safety course for him)
6. May=good (motorcycle delivery)

One subject that keeps coming up is whether to drive the motorcycle home or to have it delivered. Seeing that he will be taking the motorcycle safety course before delivery, I think he should decide after he sees how that goes. I mean, if he wrecks the bike at the course, he’d probably be better off having it delivered, you know? Otherwise, I guess I’ll be trailing him in the RAV4 after pressing the 9-1 portion of 9-1-1 on our cell phone.