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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Let me preface this review by sayin’ that Jacob spent Monday, Tuesday, an’ Wednesday (today) at daycare. Daycare requires naps in th’ afternoon. Jacob dasn’t need t’ take a nap anymore. If he does, then he’s up very late. So, after three days o’ naps…well, ye get th’ picture. So, I thought it’d be a good idee t’ watch a movie this evenin’ since we don’t be havin’ t’ get up early tomorrow. I thought he’d be into it since thar were sea dogs in it, but it unfortunately only held his attention fer an hour.

Anyway, this was a pretty cool movie, from what I can tell. If ye’ve e’er tried t’ watch a movie while a four year old was runnin’ around th’ room, ye’d understand what I’m talkin’ about. Brian particularly liked th’ skeleton buccanneers–nay surprise thar. In honor o’ th’ film, we drank grog and coke while watchin’ it. Johnny Depp be a pretty cool actor. But, this movie does raise an important question–do all buccanneers wear eye makeup?

Th’ Flick Filosopher liked it, too.


Translation provided by Pirate Speak.