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attic project, part 1

Today, Brian and I removed the plywood ceiling from our front porch and replaced it with vinyl soffit. Doing this provided us with two benefits:
1. ventilation for the attic
2. a maintenance-free porch ceiling (no more painting! paint is my nemesis. but, somehow I always find myself painting something…)

Hopefully this will sufficiently ventilate our attic. If not, we’ll need to put vents in the fascia boards next year and that would not be a fun project to say the least. Today’s project took about 5 hours and we didn’t run into any issues (which is unusual for us), so we’ll call it a winner. Eventually, I’d like to cover as much wood as possible outside with vinyl. Up next year: fascia boards.

I’ve come up with an aggressive 5-year plan that will significantly reduce our remodeling “to do” list. I like to keep Brian busy–it keeps him out of trouble. Also, by the time I’m 40, I don’t want to still be dealing with all of this crap. I know there will always be maintenance items to do around the house, but if we could just get everything the way we want it, maintaining it wouldn’t be a problem. We’ve been working on the house for 8 years now and I’m more than ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel.