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That’s the name of the new Rottenstone song, of which I recorded the guitar this evening while drinking a Margarita (it is Friday night, you know). It’s a song about voter apathy (pretty appropriate for this time of the year). The recording during the first half of the Margarita sounded much better than the second half (I start sounding like Jimmy Buffet after a Margarita. For those of you who think this is a good thing, sadly, it is not), so we ended up fixing my mistakes rather than trying to re-record the song. I’m anxious to hear what it sounds like to a sober ear tomorrow.

Somehow the recording session took a “Right Turn” into a Stone Rotten session where we jammed on songs like “Doll Parts” for about “Twenty Minutes”. It was rather fun. We really need to start the Stone Rotten thing up again. For those of you who don’t know, Stone Rotten is our (me & Brian’s) acoustic cover “band”. We normally play to an audience of none, in case you were hoping to catch one of our performances.