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That’s what Atlantic Broadband should change their name to. While it is great that Brian’s ftp issue has resolved itself, we found out this evening that we can’t get any of our local channels through the cable box. Argh! We can get them if we bypass the box, though, so at least we can still watch them. I guess I’ll wait till Monday and see if this resolves itself, too. I’m not looking forward to talking to their support people. Given the level of support Brian got with his ftp issue, I imagine it will go something like this:

support: “Atlantic Broadband support. How can I help you?”
me: “None of the local channels are coming through the digital cable box. There’s a message that says ‘to order this service call 1-800-555-5555”.
support: “Hmm. Did you buy your tv from us? We can only support the cable box if it’s connected to one of our tvs.”
me: “No. Do you sell tvs.”
support: “No.”

Dish Network, anyone?