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You can add this to my list of things not to buy in the future: German dogs. Today, Ripley made her fourth trip to the vets for the year. She has some sort of infection in her leg and was put on antibiotics. For that and some other reasons, the doctor also recommended a thyroid test. ka-ching! If she keeps this pace up, they’ll be able to add the “Ripley Law Memorial Wing” onto Richland Veterinary Hospital next year. All kidding aside, Ripley is a wonderful dog and I will definitely get another doberman in the future. Just not a doberman puppy. I can’t afford to buy all new furniture again.

Today, we’re having our last hurrah of the summer season. Looks like it’s going to be a nice day for it, too. Lish & Brent, and possibly his son are coming for a cookout later today. Should be fun.

I don’t know what’s gotten into Brian today. He’s washing the car and the truck. I’ve never known him to wash a vehicle voluntarily before. The only thing I can figure is that he’s perfecting his washing technique before he gets his motorcycle! motorcycle! motorcycle! next year. He’s even been reading how to wash a motorcycle on the Harley Davidson site, for goodness sake!

And speaking of Brian…Is it just me or is he in way too many bands? Here’s the complete list:
1. Rottenstone: Brian & me
2. Garden of Ashes: Brian & Shawn
3. East of Eve: Brian, Shawn, John & me
4. Temple of something or another (see, he’s in so many bands that he doesn’t even know the names of all of them): Brian, Slim, Shawn, & Rob

And, if you were really stretching, you could add Stone Rotten to that list. That’s an acoustic cover “band” consisting of Brian and me. I guess you could say that I’m in three bands, but it’s not like I ever go to practice, so I’m really more of a session player. Or maybe just a lazy musician. It’s too early to tell.