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There were a couple trees that I planted too close to the house. I had them trimmed once a couple years ago, but they continued to grow, as trees do. So, I decided to have them removed. That happened today. There were two oak trees in the front and one maple in the back. Yet, I still have a lot of trees in the yard. I had another maple in the back trimmed. The maple that was removed from the back was a lesser problem, but I figured while they were here, might as well take care of everything.

The guys tried to be careful in the yard, but with all of the rain we’ve been getting, I ended up with some ruts from the equipment. I will probably have to fix them in the spring. We’ll see how it looks then. It’s still winter, you know! One thing is for sure, raking leaves is going to be a lot easier this year. Those oak trees in the front were terrible–they’d hold onto their leaves forever and I’d be outside raking them when it was 30 degrees. I still have two more oak trees in the front, but they’re a lot smaller, so they won’t be a problem for a long time (and they’re closer to the road than the house).