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I painted the upper portion of the stairwell leading to the family room. So, check that one off the list. I used the same color as the hall and foyer, Poetic Light. This means the main floor of my house has been completely painted…except for the closets. I’m thinking about doing closet organizers in (at least some of) them, so those might have to wait for a while. I definitely won’t be painting any more rooms in my house until next winter. The library was recently painted and I’m not doing Jake’s upstairs bedroom until he completely moves out so I guess the basement area (family room, extra room, laundry room, and bathroom) is up next.

But, don’t worry–there’s still other stuff to paint. I’ve decided to tackle a project at the office and I’m going to repaint the kitchen. The whole office is due for a repainting, but it’ll probably take me a few years to get it all done because I’m not highly motivated to do it, like I am with my house. The kitchen is the worst of it as there are some cracks and other things that need fixed first, so I’ll be getting started on that soon.