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jasmine cain

I saw Jasmine Cain once or twice at Thunder and thought she was great. She comes to Johnstown every year for Thunder and a couple solo shows, but I did not get to see her again until last night. I saw that she was playing a “Christmas show” at the Columba Theatre, so I bought a ticket. What a great show it was! It was just her playing acoustic guitar, mandolin, and keyboards (not at the same time). I wasn’t sure what kind of music she was going to be playing, but it was mostly pop and rock songs and some originals, though she did play a couple Christmas ones by request. The 2.5+ hours she played gave her plenty of time to explore all genres. By the end of the night, things turned metal (which is the genre she plays with her band), with songs from Skid Row, Rob Zombie, Drowning Pool, and Audioslave. Those were my favorites. It was a great show and definitely worth the $15 admission. They should charge more next time!