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I didn’t do much for Halloween. I put a few decorations out (and took the rest to Goodwill). I didn’t even carve a pumpkin this year, but I did make some wine bottle pumpkins, which were fun to make. I’m not sure how those are going to hold up in the heat of the attic (due to the spray paint on glass), but I guess I can always make more.

I was prepared for 52 trick or treaters this year, but only got 28. And the weather wasn’t even bad (chilly, but not bad). It’s really difficult to guesstimate how many will show up each year.

In Christmas news, I already received my photo Christmas cards (thanks to taking the photo on vacation this summer instead of waiting until the last minute) and have all of them addressed and ready to go! I also did a good chunk of my shopping and I’m hoping to wrap that up soon.