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germantown winery

My mom and dad have been wanting me to go to Germantown Winery with them for a while. We were supposed to go earlier this summer, but it was scheduled for the day that I ended up at MedWell for my neck, so that didn’t happen. We finally got there last night. The winery has entertainment and food on Saturday evenings during the summer and this was the last of those for the season. So, we had some dinner, drank some wine, and listened to a little music. It started getting cold as the sun went down, so we went to their house and had a fire before I went home. It was a nice evening.

Tilly didn’t enjoy it as much. I have to lock her up in the hall when I go places and she always dumps her water bowl (I’m going to have to get a no tip one for her). Luckily, this time, the water stayed on the indoor/outdoor mat. I have a pet gate leading to the upstairs. The last time I left her home, she brute forced it open. She did the same thing this time, except she broke one of the welds, so now I have to try to fix that before tomorrow, when she gets locked up again. Sigh.