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they don’t make them like they used to

On Saturday morning, the refrigerator door alarm went off. I checked the doors and gasket and everything seemed ok, so I turned the alarm off. When I went to get my lunch, it was 50 degrees in the fridge. I did some research and determined that the one door switch wasn’t working. I ran to Krisay’s to see if they had any in stock and while they were supposed to be open until 1, they were already closed at 12:45. Thanks, Krisay’s. So I messed around with the door switch and managed to disable it by pushing it in and wedging it with a toothpick. Then I ordered a couple switches online and received them yesterday. I took out the broken one and installed the new one and now the fridge is in working order again. I got the fridge almost 4 years ago and it’s already having problems. At least this one was a simple fix.