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About three weeks ago, I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck. I’ve had these before, so I wasn’t really concerned about it, as uncomfortable as they are. However, this one would not let up and kept getting worse and worse (I have a numb streak running down the nerve from my neck to my thumb, not to mention neck pain, and occasional nerve pain along the entire trail of the nerve). It reached critical mass over the weekend, so I went to MedWELL to get checked out. They x-rayed my neck, which only showed age-related changes and I was put on a course of prednisone, which seems to be working, but not quickly enough. It’s still pretty uncomfortable, but things are improving.

And to add insult to injury, I ordered a cervical pillow from Amazon, which was supposed to be delivered yesterday but the mail carrier (a substitute mail carrier, I might add) forgot to leave the package when he delivered the mail. It better come today! I’ve gone through every pillow in the house and the only one that’s a little comfortable to use is an old squishy pillow I found in the closet.

I am so far behind on things at the house because I haven’t really been able to do much the last week or so. But, more importantly, I hope I’m feeling better by Friday because I don’t want to miss the Flood City Music Festival or the Alice Cooper show on Sunday. Fingers crossed!