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Yesterday, my parents treated a group of us to dinner at The Wine Cellar in Gallitzin (to celebrate their birthdays). It was an interesting place. The food was good–I’d say it’s comparable to Rizzo’s. I guess it’s the novelty of eating in someone’s basement (in Gallitzin of all places) that is the main attraction. There was a mishap when we arrived–my SIL’s aunt missed the last step and fell (knocking over her brother, who wasn’t injured). She had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance and really messed up her leg (she had surgery this morning and has another one on the horizon). She was so worried that she ruined my parents’ birthday dinner, but I have to think this is one dinner that they’ll never forget.

After that, I came home and took care of the dogs and then went to PNG Park to catch the evening’s last band in the free concert series. I guess this means summer’s almost over. The band, Big Fat Mallard, was pretty good. They played funk music, which isn’t my thing, but I did enjoy listening to them. I tapped out after 90 minutes, though. I can’t imagine that they played much longer, but I guess I’ll never know.