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Ever since Tilly moved in, the dog area has been a mess. Prior to her arrival, I got some grass growing in the area after having it mulched for a number of years, but she put an end to that–she likes to scratch and dig. And, it’s difficult to get grass growing in that area, anyway, because it’s really shady. I had some extra pavers, so I put in a short sidewalk from the porch. And, I found this inexpensive fencing on Wayfair that goes into the ground with stakes, so I put that along the front of the dog area to keep the destruction limited to the side yard. As a bonus, it keeps Tilly out of the hedges, where she also likes to dig. I’ve decided to put some decorative rocks along the paver sidewalk and then re-mulch the rest of the area–this part still needs to be done. But, it’s looking better already.

On a different topic, we installed some LED strip lighting at the office and had extra so I purchased the power supply and other stuff that was needed and Jake installed under the cabinet lighting in my kitchen. It looks awesome! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, so it’s good to get it crossed off the list.