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I heard about this show on Reddit and figured I’d check it out. It was pretty great. It’s a shame it didn’t get renewed after the 2nd season, but they wrapped things up pretty nicely, though there was a cliffhanger. I guess we’ll never know what happened.

The show had a really interesting concept: in the late 1980s, a quantum physics experiment went awry and created a parallel universe. Few people knew about the other world though there was an organization that controlled the interactions between the two worlds. People who worked for the organization were basically interworld spies (well, some of them–not everyone was in the loop). It was so interesting how they told the story of the “same” character in each world. J.K. Simmons (who played the main character, but who will always be Vern Schillinger to me), did a great job. I’m not sure how they filmed the scenes where both of his characters interacted, but it was flawless.

I was able to watch this by renting DVDs from Neflix, but those days are coming to an end. Netflix is shutting down its DVD rental program later this year. This will probably put a serious dent in my viewing. We currently have Netflix (DVD & streaming) and Hulu and I was able to watch just about everything I wanted to between the two, but that was mostly thanks to the DVD option. Not everything is streaming (well, maybe it is somewhere but I’m not subscribing to a bunch of different platforms). I have a couple more DVDs to rent and then I’m going to switch to HBO Max. There are a number of HBO shows on my to watch list and they seem to stream a lot of newer movies, so I’m going to give it a shot. I will likely switch between platforms (for example, there are some shows I want to watch on Apple TV+, so I’ll get that at some point in the future–probably once the shows have ended), but I refuse to spend a bunch of money just to watch TV.

My rating: 4/5