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paint job

Way back when my house was purchased the siding needed painted. For whatever reason, this task never got done. I think it was mostly because we couldn’t DIY it. Anyway, after getting a new roof, gutters, and garage door the other year, I really wanted to get the siding painted. After 20+ years it definitely needed it.

Last spring, I contacted a couple painters, but only one called me back. When they gave me the estimate, they warned me that they still hadn’t completed jobs from the previous year, so it might be a while. Fast forward 15 months and I still hadn’t heard from them. So, I called last month to see what was up and they said I was on the schedule for July. And, this was my lucky week. They came first thing Monday morning and did the power washing and primer. Then, Tuesday, they painted. Besides the paint they splattered all over the place (bricks, sidewalk, plants, roof, etc.), it looks great. Ugh. They said to expect to do this again in 5-10 years. Hopefully I can find someone else to do it at that point.

The next big project is to get a new sidewalk and the bottom half of the driveway redone. I’m going to have to replenish the coffers before that happens, though. The house is definitely starting to get into “do over” mode, so I’m sure that won’t be the last big project.