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the shed

I have been “painting” the shed for about 6 weeks and finally finished the job this evening. I say “painting” because it was a little more than that. To make painting easier, I took the glass out of the window frames, including the transom window (which completely fell apart–the glue joints failed–so it had to be resassembled). I also replaced the broken latch hardware and removed and repainted the hinges. Couple this with my limited free time, my hatred of painting, and the two coats that needed to be applied, and that explains the length of time it took me to complete the project.

I am glad to be done with it, as you can imagine. I really wanted to get started earlier (and hence finish earlier), but the weather did not cooperate until mid-May.

The new paint really makes the ramp look bad (and it looks even worse in person), so I’m thinking about replacing those boards with composite decking. I’ll probably do that this year, but it’ll depend on the cost. I haven’t looked into it at all yet. The new paint is not doing much for the roof, either. I don’t think the brown goes very well with the green, but that is a temporary problem as the roof is almost 20 years old and is going to need replaced in the next few years. And, that brings up a question–what color to use for the roof and ramp (I’m thinking the should probably be in the same vein)? I’m thinking something neutral in case I want to change the shed color again down the road. Maybe a medium gray? I will have to do some Google image research on that. And, perhaps, get Jake to work some Photoshop magic.

Now it’s time to get back to my regularly scheduled weeding.